Why Runners, Cyclists and Pet Owners Need to Wear Visibility Gear

Why Runners, Cyclists and Pet Owners Need to Wear Visibility Gear

No matter which part of the world you live in or what job timings you have, taking care of health is the first and foremost priority. Economic competition or job timings push many people to run or jog at night. But at the same time, the odds of a jogger, scout, or runner being struck by a vehicle is dramatically increased at night – for obvious reasons.

Research shows that 75% of pedestrian fatal accidents happen at dusk, dawn, or nighttime – when they appear “invisible” to the vehicles. Most of them occur between 6 pm to 9 pm during fall and winter. Also, the seriousness of the collisions is exceptionally higher at night as compared to daytime. But luckily, there are ways you can reduce the chances of nighttime accidents to a minimum by wearing “outdoor visibility gear.”

The sales of “outdoor safety gear for running” such as LED belts, running pouches, shoe clips, bracelets, slap on armbands, or even LED lanyards have been through the roof lately, which vouch for their efficiency in avoiding the impending collisions. Whether you’re a runner, cyclists or simply walking your dog, wearing the right visibility gear can make the difference between having an enjoyable workout or getting hit by a vehicle. Light yourself up like a Christmas tree and take your safety into your own hands!

While heading out for a run at night, many people assume they can get out of the way should an oncoming vehicle be heading there way. But they are most likely overestimating the ability to assess the reaction time needed to avoid an accident in such circumstances. Your life is not something you should take chances with, which underscores the importance of wearing the visibility gear at night. You can use LightFlo gear on your ankle or wrist to provide an extra cautionary light to passing drivers and have peace of mind and added protection.

The best thing about safety gears are the affordable prices, ranging from a mere $5 to $25, everyone can afford to buy them. The life-saving benefits they offer make them totally worth the investment. Many people aren’t fans of wearing visibility gear due to comfort but LightsFlo gear takes this into account using lightweight materials that won’t wear you down. 

At night, drivers travel at high speeds and visibility is reduced substantially on the road, which gives them less than average reaction time to see you and avoid a collision. Surely, you wouldn’t want your safety in the hands of the driver. By wearing visibility gear, you make yourself visible from a distance and eliminate the risk of a last second accident.

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