How Nurses Benefit from The ClipGlow Night Light During The Night Shift- LightsFlo

How Nurses Benefit from The ClipGlow Night Light During The Night Shift- LightsFlo

Nobody values a good night sleep more than the hospital patients. Their nagging pain makes it difficult to get some shut eye, so once they do manage to rest the last thing they want is to be woken up by bright lights. As a nurse however, tending to their patients never stops so this is where the ClipGlow night light can come in handy. 

Below we talk about some of the benefits the ClipGlow night light provides for nurses on the night shift.

Perfect Light Configuration

Sometimes you have no choice but to turn on the lights in a room where there might be several patients fast asleep and this presents a major issue. Some use pen lights to navigate the room but this option limits the ability to use both hands and often the light does not cover a large enough surface or is blindening and can affect the patient's vision.

The ClipGlow night light allows you to tackle your constant care by illuminating the are in front of you whether you’re checking for vitals or taking notes on the clipboard, all without disturbing the patient and those around them.

Portable, Convenient, and Easy to Handle

Unlike a regular penlight that you have to constantly pull out and put back into your pocket, the ClipGlow has strong magnets that allow you to clip it onto your scrubs, pocket or any fabric giving you handsfree light. This allows you to complete your daily tasks in a more efficient and timely manner.

Premium Quality and Durable

This product is built to last with quality and durable materials. It comes with a heavy-duty, water-resistant silicone rubber coating that is liquid repellent and can be easily cleaned with hospital grade disinfectants. 

The light runs on two Cr2032 coin cell batteries that last on average for up to 6 months. These batteries are also available in major supermarkets and are easily replaceable with a small screwdriver. 


The ClipGlow night light is a must have accessory for Nurses to not only improve their daily tasks but also to provide a better experience for their patients. Get yours now ClipGlow